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Series 30 Advancement Program

College Credit by Examination For

Get ready to pass CLEP, DSST & ECE exams

Every year thousands of American students take the SAT or ACT exam. Some also take the AP exams. High scores in the SAT and ACT gives the student an advantage when they apply for college. Normally they receive admissions to the college of their choice. If they pass their AP exam then they enter college with college credit they earned by scoring high on the exam.

Many of the students study for their exams while a majority used preparation firms to help them score high on the exam. On average the preparation firm will charge the student an amount around $3995.00. When you take into consideration the fee for the preparation classes and the cost for remedial classes then you might agree that $3995.00 is a good investment.

The Series 30 Advancement Program is designed to help adult students achieve similar results. It helps them in their goal of achieving college credit so they can earn an accredited degree within a short timeframe. The fee is not as high as the fee for the high school student preparation class. The program gives a person a foundation to get started. This program exposes a person to a proven method to prepare them to take an exam to receive 3 semester hours. After ten preparation classes they can take the exams needed to earn 30 semester hours. One years worth of college credit!

They can close the gap between a higher paying position, a higher education, and a higher status in our society. Over 2900 colleges and universities allow a person to earn part of your degree by "testing out" with credit by examination. Passing scores on CLEP, DSST (used by DANTES) or ECE exams may help your firm: Save Money. Save tuition money by testing out of classes. Save Time. Your employees can study at their own pace. They can speed up or slow down the degree completion program of your choice. It's their schedule; they set the pace.

Anyone desiring to build college credits to establish a foundation for degree completion.

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